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A single link on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and whatsapp text on your website to help create a link link. Thanks to the fast whatsapp communication link of the pages that sell in instagram, customers can get instant access to the store phone via whatsapp, eliminating the trouble of saving the phone number to the phonebook.

We offer two options for creating a short link to whatsapp on our site.

Free Link Service: This service is free, and when you click on the link to create and use a short link, you will be redirected to whatsapp with ad-directed redirection after first navigating to the browser. In addition, the link is not personal and does not become a corporate link.

Premium Link Service: This service is a yearly fee (50 USD), it is directed to whatsapp application by direct ad-free routing without going to the browser by clicking on the link created for the short link creation and use. Whatsapp directs without any 3rd single application or ads in between. In addition, the link is personal and becomes a corporate link.

Up to now, the 78.605 message link has been created.